Better tasting extracts.

Activation, also called decarboxylation, is required for hemp and cannabis-based products to work. Conventional activation methods require several hours at high temperature to activate cannabinoids and this introduces bitter flavors and foul odors to extracts. Odors and flavors must remediated post-extraction before an extract can be sold in a consumer product.

Our flagship full-spectrum extract is extracted in two seconds with our evaporative extraction process. In a single combined step, we extract, fully-activate and refine hemp to produce a potent, high terpene content premium full-spectrum extract. Terpene levels are typically between 6-8% by mass and cannabinoid content is typically around 75% when extracted from hemp.

Flash-activation preserves the quality and flavor of extracts by fully-activating extracts in mere seconds vs. hours. Flash-activation produces better tasting extracts that do not need post-activation remediation and can be placed directly into premium consumer products.

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  • activates cannabinoids in seconds vs. hours

  • the quality and flavor of extracts is preserved

  • post-extraction remediation is avoided, saving money and time

  • protected by 12 pending and granted patents