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People are investing more in their overall health and wellness during the pandemic and CBD sales have been booming with expected growth of 30% over the next 7 years.


Are you interested in selling Seven Leaves?


We would like to connect with you to leverage this opportunity and show you ways you can incorporate CBD products into your salon/spa in creative ways that will truly set you apart from the competition. We also offer joint business planning with a direct representative to help you ensure success with the brand.

CBD offers a seamless upgrade to your services and retail while adding a great additional revenue source that doesn't compete with your current offerings.

Seven Leaves is a premium, professional health and beauty product and we hand select our partners to ensure success with the brand. We have a proven launch formula and work with high end businesses like yours in all major cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. We are personally extending this opportunity to you because we think your salon and spa would be a great fit! 

We would love to set up a follow up call with you to take a deeper dive into our options. Please reply back to us two dates and time options and we will make one work. The opportunities and benefits are endless!


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